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Sunday, December 30, 2012

-Moments in 2012 part 1-


Today is the last Sunday in year 2012. Well, it seems like I do have many moments to be remembered as the things will not happen again and again. So, lets check it out what are the moments that had happened on this year.

January 2012

Well. It was as the usual previous semester. On this month, I was having the final for semester 3 I guessed. Kihkih. After having the final, I attended the motivation program at the DPP TM. Honestly I'm alone at the time because I was called without my friends. I do not know anyone except Azhar, Cue and Adli and Kak Teh. I do not know what to do  because I did not know anyone. Seriously! I've never wanted to be in this such motivational program. But never mind, I challenged myself to get involved into a program like this. At least I do have a new experience. Right? And by joining this program, I get to know the other persons. There is a person that try not ot make me feel awkward. Thanks Abg Tom! And! Guess what? My friendship with  bambam aka Farhana was started here. I  also get to know Lipah, Hanis abg, abg Hachim, sis HUS, nina Naina, nurjie, Ikram, and others here. Some of these persons told me that Bam and me do have the similarity  either at the physical look or the behaviour. 

sama ke?

February 2012

Starting on February 2012, I was officially being as the Exco Hal Ehwal Siswi. *By the time which I knew I get this position, my heart such $@#*&* Haha. It just because I never dream for this position. Me = Siswi? Err =.=" Okay, just ignore it then. Oh. I do always have two choices that make me so unease to do the decision. By the time I had to attend the Student Leadership Camp under my DPP, I also got the call from my club which ask me to attend the same SLC. For the first 3days, I can attend both of them but I do need separate after that. Well, sorry guys. I chose for DPP even my position for the club is higher. *evil laugh*. You know what? I, me myself do have to attend the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) for 3  days I guess. *Blerrghh* By the end, its quite enjoyable even there were only 9 of us compared to other colleges. =)

March 2012

There's nothing special happen on this month I guess.. Haha. Except my confidence level is slowly getting down and down. 

April 2012

Well.. This month is the most month that I would remember in my whole life being as the student in the campus life. *what a complicated sentence* There are two big things happen to my life as the first one is one of my close friend had converted to Islam. *alhamdulillah, praise to be upon him* I was so glad to know about that news and me was one of the first person that knew about that good news.8') I didn't expect that it was too fast. Yes, I did du'a for her as she seems like to know about the Islam. Love you my girl! 

Comel kan dia.. ^_^

The second one is about the love story. The rest is history. =P
Almost forgotten. Sorry peeps! Tehee. On this month also I have my dinner which the theme was Arabian night. Wuhuu..

-bertunang- =P

And! I  joined the University's motivation program which held at Kuala Krai. Actually it was my first time to be there even I am the Kelantanese. Ngee. I make new friends here. Nice!

May 2012

-to be continue-

#penat nak type. hahaha =P 

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misz_eyza said...

away cik tak paham satu apa pun huhu opsss lupa cik org melayu bukan org putih hahahha...

so xleh nak komen apa2 laa. :P

anna_nana said...

grrr.. akak nie saje je!!

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