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Monday, December 31, 2012

- Moments in 2012 part II-


As I promised before, I will proceed my writing in second part of the moments before it is end!

May 2012

As the previous months I think. Again! I joint the motivational program known as In-Teg. This program involved the students from Penang.  Well, quite enjoying even though I'm so tired because it was held during the weeks day and not during the weekend. *blerrghh* 

- I love bullying the kids! bhahahah-

Besides, I do have celebrating the advanced birthday on this month. Why? Because they thought that I was born on May. Oh my! Actually the birthday girl is Adila. So, unfortunately, me myself was showered using the orange juice! Huarghh!! 

- amek kau! lencun aku malam tuh-

And the last one. My friends and I were attending the dinner with Tun Mahathir Mohamad at Alor Star. =) 

June 2012

Hmm.. Nothings interesting event during this month because it was the final exam and the mood is wanna to have the long holidays even I failed to have so. Oh ya. There was an event called Anugerah Kerana Jasa 2011. Well, it is so and so =)

My lovey dovey story was revealed on this month! *blushing for a while* So, i did give this personal details purposely to my beloved sisters. Ahaks! =P

nama dia seman milo ais anak pak meon ponpon dengan mak temah baulu, adik mail lambung rendah. tinggal dekat hujung kampung depan jalan kecik.

July 2012

I was joining the Sukan Staff. It was sooooooo fun and enjoyable! =) 

-takde pasai g conteng whiteboard mereka! Gonna miss the owners of the name so much!-

-curi masa untuk balik!-

Something that I miss so much happened in July 2012. =') 

August 2012

No abnormal things happen on this month accept joining the programs. Hewhew. Well, this is the first time I joint the orientation week and be the facilitator. And, this is also the first time I baked the cake. Err.. Not baking actually. It is just steam cake! Haha. Besides, it also be my first time to meet my secondary school after 4 years. What can I conclude here is, this month is for my all first thing to do.. 8)

-Aku pon hairan. Macamana boleh terselit kami berdua dalam gambar nie. -.-" -

- Mereka tidak berubah! -

-Cake pisang!-

-Chocolate cake!-

September 2012

The most month that I waiting each year! Why? Because I was born on this month! 8) And on this month, my sister and his beloved husband went to Mekah for the Hajj. *alhamdulillah*
Oh! Sorry guys! I really dont remember to snap the picture of  my whole presents for this year birthday! =(

it was on my birthday! haish.. i was slimmer on that time :'(

from him! =)

October 2012

Nothing much! *Actually I dont want to remember the things that happen during this month!* =P
However, I'll just list the things happen without doing the explanations.. Kihkih

1. Holiday! 
2. Steamboat!
3. Enjoying the singing
4. Bubbling 
5. etc

November 2012

The stress moment!! Got so many assignment need to be pass up. =.=" By the way, I do have my dinner which the theme was Masquarade Night =)

December 2012

This month also make me suffered so much! ='( I almost give up on one of my core paper. Anyhow, Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer the exam. =) Oh my! I don't want to talk about the suffering thing. Well, I had two dinners which made me felt like an artist. Wahahahah .. 

Hmm. However, my Abah is being hospitalized right now. I'm praying that nothing bad happen. :'(

Oh ya!! Almost forgotten! This is the last day for the engagement of the promise! Well, I do not want to hope anything as I do not want to be frustrated. Maybe it is just me who the one remember that promise. 

AND!! This is the last day and year for me to have the position in DPP SME Bank =')

-Gonna miss you guys! =') -

p/s : haaa kau! walaupun grammar berterabur, belasah saja. hehe.. Ini lah sebahagian daripada kisah aku yang berlaku sepanjang tahun 2012. Ada suka dan duka.

Semoga tahun akan mendatang akan membawa lebih keberkatan dan berita gembira.
Wishing all of you, Happy New Year! =)

4 orang sEdaNg MeRePek ^^:

Anonymous said...

selamat tahun baru kecik!! semoga tahun kecik lebih awesome dr tahun2 sebelum nih!!!

sedapnyer kek tu!! huhu! laporrr..

misz_eyza said...

yg saya paham hanya ayat nie sebab macam penah baca jer tapi kat mana yea...

"nama dia seman milo ais anak pak meon ponpon dengan mak temah baulu, adik mail lambung rendah. tinggal dekat hujung kampung depan jalan kecik."

anna_nana said...

@Cik Gee
selamat tahun baru jugak gee!! kecik pon doakan semoga tahun baru nie dapat membuatkan kehidupan gee lagi awesome lagi best lagi havoc! :)

haa.. jemput2.. kuikui.. nanti kita buat kek sesama ye gee.

anna_nana said...


aigooo.. dalam byk2 yg tuh jugak dia nak restate balik.. xpe akak xpe..

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